Developer Support Program

Welcome to the Kyocera Developers Support Program Information Page! The Kyocera Developer Support Program is available to Customers, Kyocera Dealers and Independent Software Vendors. What is provided in the Kyocera Developer Support Program? Plain and simple: Tools! For the IT folks, Kyocera provides the tools necessary to create a seamless interface from our Multifunctional Devices to your most important business applications.

Your business applications can be the latest state of the art web based document management solution or the legacy server that hosts your billing application. For the end user, Kyocera provides Tools to enhance and simplify the End User Experience, without forgoing security.

Below you will find descriptions of the three different program groups. These three groups are vastly different, but are considered equally important in reaching Kyocera’s single goal of the Kyocera Developer Support Program.

HyPas Certified Dealer Program

The HyPAS Certified Dealer Program has been designed strictly for our dealer community. Kyocera recognizes that its dealer community is of the best and brightest this industry has to offer. Members of this group will be rewarded with solutions that are not available to anyone else. The solutions provided will be accompanied by industry leading hands on training and unparallel support. Kyocera believes this formula guarantee’s success.

HyPas Developer Program

Kyocera assembled the HyPAS Developer Program around the needs of the typical third party ISV. Kyocera offers it’s HyPAS Developers a robust set of SDK’s(Software Development Kit) with accompanying Documentation and Simulator software. Simply put, we provide you all the tools necessary to create a powerful and dynamic HyPAS Application. Once your HyPAS application has been developed and Approved by Kyocera your solution will be presented among the ranks of other successful HyPAS solutions. The HyPAS Developer will be required to apply for membership and have their HyPAS solution approved.

HyPas Partner Program

Kyocera designed the HyPAS Partner Program specifically for software providers and hardware manufacturers. Kyocera provides our HyPAS Partner a comprehensive program geared for Third Party solution providers. Through the HyPAS Partner Program Kyocera dealers will have a menu of Kyocera tried and tested solutions to offer their customers. These solutions often work independently of the Kyocera devices while complimenting the ease of use and dependability Kyocera customers expect. Partner solutions do not need customization of Kyocera devices to operate successfully HyPAS Partner will be required to apply for membership and have their solution approved by Kyocera.

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